35 Free Ways To Organically Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2018

Right and useful techniques to increase your Instagram followers

Instagram has become the most sort after platform for everyone, not only for the famous celebrities, socialites and media stars but also for the common people who use it as a platform to get in touch with their known ones, share their pictures and some also use it to promote their business. So it is used for both personal as well as professional purpose; one can get fruitful results by promoting their work or business skills on this platform but the question that arises is that how to get followers on instagram? This is the most important thing because without followers there will be no likes, no comments and no business or professional growth.


Instagram with time has become a serious networking and marketing app that helps building a brand and audience for it. This is the main reason why it has over the years become an important and popular social networking site that has more than 800 million users. But all the networking, marketing and social build up is a waste if one doesn’t have the required number of Instagram followers; with a mere 50 to 60 followers no business can grow so in order to increase instagram followers there are a few essential yet organic tricks or techniques that one can follow. There are a lot of short cut ways through which one can gain instagram followers; but it is better to be real and organic with this.

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Gain real followers

Before you use any of the techniques it is important to make your profile public because that is when people from all around the world would be able to follow you and to make then follow you here are a few things to do:


  1. It is considered better to use hashtags that are common like #likeforlikes, #instafollowers,#instadaily that are known to the normal audience; if you have a special dedicated hashtag for your work then it is better to share that hashtag on your website, your visiting card or on the billboards. This will make people aware of your business and they can follow back by using the hashtag.
  2. Hashtags should be creative, so run your brains and create a hashtag that nobody has ever heard of and it should have something to do with your business. Hashtags should be witty and funny; boring ones are not at all interesting to hear especially if you are running a promotional offer on Television or radio.
  3. Go on a liking spree; yes this might sound funny but it is something that is true. Liking random pictures of random people showing on your search engine would help in increasing the followers.
  4. If you have something to do with fashion or beauty then in order to gain instagram followers free you can start a contest on instagram. This can be a giveaway contest where you can give away your products in order to promote them and also to gain some followers.
  5. Start randomly commenting on posts of some celebrity or some restaurant; but the comment should be such that it helps in shooting the number of instagram followers in your account.
  6. The most constructive as well as active time to post something on instagram is from 2 am to 5pm; this is when maximum number of people are active.
  7. The first thing that attracts someone to a profile is the bio that is mentioned on the top; so post your website URL in the bio section this way people who are just stalking you or just going through your profile would also be compelled to  have a look at your website and follow you.
  8. It is better to promote your instagram account on the other social media websites like Facebook and twitter. This will make people aware of your instagram account and also about your being active on it; hence more followers.
  9. Follow those who are already popular and use the most popular hashtags; following such people would make them follow you in return.
  10. The captions should be descriptive; so in case you are posting a design of your latest clothing line then write about all the minute details like the work, the material the colour and your inspiration behind it.
  11. Don’t go on posting random pictures, post something that makes sense because no one likes to follow someone who has thousands of pictures that are completely pointless.
  12. So according to a research the Mayfair filter is the moist effective on to attract people to see your posts and like them and then to follow you back. So make sure you use it.
  13. Turn on post notifications to get notified whenever your favourite influencer posts something; this also helps in interacting with them and also helps in increasing the followers.
  14. Only keep photos related to your work on your profile delete all the unwanted content.
  15. Sunday is one day when people are lazy and free from work so there is less engagement on instagram. So it is better to posts your pictures on Sunday to make more people see it.
  16. Post frequently because there is nothing negative about it; if you caption and hashtags are right then there are chances of your posts being on the top most posts.
  17. Instagram shows a list of suggested users; follow them this will increase your followers because if you will follow them then they will also follow you back. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction, this is perfect in this case.
  18. Geo tagging is another popular feature that can make your post visible in the area where you are posting it from. So all the instagram users would be able to see your pictures.
  19. Being consistent with putting up posts is a great way of increasing followers.
  20. Comment on random posts and put thoughtful comments that can help in attracting followers.
  21. Make a collage or post multiple pictures together in one post.
  22. Ask somebody who has already used your product to tag you or your product in it; this is a great way of increasing instagram followers and likes.
  23. Use words like comment in your posts; because according to a research words like these get more engagement and followers.
  24. Tag your known ones in your post, this way such post will also show on the other users feed which would be visible to their followers. But tag only when there is some scope of tagging don’t just tag on any random food picture.
  25. BTS photos are quite popular; bts stands for behind the scenes so share them as they tell people about the real work that goes behind a product.
  26. If a person has tagged you or your product in a post then repost it; this is also a great way of engaging people to see your posts.
  27. Promote the instagram username on other websites and also link your instagram account with your other user accounts.
  28. The easiest way to increase followers for free is to follow all your facebook friends on instagram this will make them follow you back in return.
  29. Tag some well known brands or instagrammers in your posts to increase the visibility of your post.
  30. Like for likes is the most popular hashtag so use it.
  31. Put up instagram stories so that people can see them in the search section and they are compelled to follow you.
  32. With your dedicated hashtag you can also form a community, this way people will follow that hashtag and get notified regarding all the posts related to it.
  33. Ask people questions in your posts; this helps in engaging a lot of people to it.
  34. There is a new option of conducting poll in the stories section; so conduct polls to engage a larger crowd to your account.
  35. If you are a blogger then follow all the bloggers around the world in order to make them follow you and also to increase the visibility of your posts.


These are some really easy and organic ways to get free instagram followers instantly; one just needs to have the patience for doing all these things. Proper planning and execution of things is required, also one should put in some extra effort and time for thinking the right caption and hashtag while posting a picture. A person is also required to do a proper research regarding the likes and dislikes of the public before posting something, it is important to be sensible while posting. Your posts would only get you followers so take the right step.


Buying of followers online for a certain amount of money is also an option available to increase the followers instantly but why should one put in money for something that can be done easily by just investing in some time. These techniques give real followers, though it might take some time to increase them but then they are worth all the effort.